Ali Rezaii Sharif, Mahmoud Ghazi-Tabatabaei, Elaheh Hejazi, M. Habibi Askarabad, Gh. R Dehshiri, fatemeh Rezaii Sharif

Objectives: The university student depression inventory (USDI) was developed by Khawaja and Bryden , (2006) as a self-report measure of the student depression in university. Depression is widespread among university students and university students commonly experience depression. Khawaja and Bryden used exploratory factor analysis to examine the factor structure of the USDI. The purpose of the present study was to further assess the underlying factor structure of the USDI using Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA).
Method: Sample in this study consists of 442 university student (246 female and 196 male).
Results: The results of our analysis support the theoretical suppositions of Khawaja and Bryden’s three dimensional model depression. Confirmatory Factor analyses revealed three factors: Academic motivation, cognitive – emotional and lethargy. Internal consistency and test-re test reliability coefficients were 0/91 and 0/84. Respectively the subscale reliabilities were acceptable. Convergent and divergent validity coefficients were appropriate.
Keywords: Confirmatory factor analysis, university student, depression

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Confirmatory factor analysis of the university student depression inventory (USDI)

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