Mohsen Dehghani, Louise Sharpe and Michael K. Nicholas

The aim of the present study was to test Turk and Okifuji’s (2002) model of chronic pain and in particular the moderating role of self-efficacy. We assessed 207 consecutive chronic pain patients (53.1% female) on a range of relevant measures and tested the model using structured equation modelling. The model was supported. These results support Turk and Okifuji’s model of chronic pain and suggest that it can account for the relationships between variables in chronic pain patients. In particular, the results support the central role of fear-based avoidance and self-efficacy in chronic pain. Future research should be aimed at testing the alternative contemporary models of chronic pain at different stages of the development and maintenance of chronic pain and over time.
Key words: chronic pain; fear of pain; cognitive behavioural; structural equation modelling.

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Structural Evaluation of the Contemporary Psychological Models of Chronic Pain: Does Fear of Pain Work for All?

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